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Verona Obituaries


Tybalt Capulet, age 20, was a beloved nephew of Sir Capulet. He died in a battle for his cousin Juliet. He was loved terribly by her and the rest of the family. Commemoration service will be held next Tuesday by Capulets Tomb at 6:00 pm.

Romeo Montague, age 18. A horrible tragedy has occurred. This young man has killed himself at the loss of his beloved wife, Juliet. He committed suicide believing that she was dead, when ironically, she awoke to find him dead beside her. The funeral will be held at Laurence Church in Verona on Saturday.

Juliet Capulet was 14 years old. She was the beloved daughter of Sir Capulet and Lady Capulet. She was a lovestruck young woman, who committed suicide at the loss of her lover, Romeo. The two believed eachother to be dead and killed themselves out of desire to be with eachother. Service will be held at Laurence Church in Verona on Saturday. Both Juliet and Romeo's funerals will be at 4:00pm.

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