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The Elizabethan Times
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Advice Columns

Here; our dear companion, Abigail, will reveal the answers to your inner-most questions!

Dear Abigail;
It appears as though I've fallen in love with a woman who has no mutual feelings.  How should I respond to this situation?

-Hopeless, Romeo

Dear Hopeless;
This problem is not an uncommon one.  There are many situations where this will arise.  It is usually a more-than-friendship occurance though.  I suggest you talk to her, and explain your feelings.  If you've already gone about doing this, then I would feast your eyes upon something new, for women are bound to get annoyed and hit you if you continue to aggravate them.  You'll find the right girl eventually, trust me.  Just be a little bit more social, and she'll be right under your nose.

Dear Abigail;
My father is a stubborn jerk.  He consistantly tries to force me into an emotionless marriage.  The man allegedly loves me, but I'd rather marry a rabid dog than this guy.  He's supposedly this wonderous creature, but I think he's revolting, more so on the inside than out.  Also, I'm already tied down with another man, but my parents do not know this.  What should I do?
-Confused, Juliet

Dear Confused;
You've really gotten yourself into something, here.  How could you just go out and marry some guy without your parents consent?  You must have a pretty lenient priest.  As for your father, explain to him your lack of love for this man you're arranged to marry.  Tell him the unhappiness it would cause you, and admit that although he is a great person, you just don't feel chemistry with him.  As for this other man on the sidelines... I hope he's something special, because you're going to cause a lot of grief on people when they find out.

Copyright 2004 Jennifer Anderson & Amber Richard