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The Elizabethan Times
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Social Report

A fatal plague was discovered in Verona, last Thursday, leaving several dead.  Those that haven't already passed away from this epidemic are suffering severe diarrhea, nausea, chronic muscle pain, fatigue, and digestive problems.  Those that do not die from the plague itself, will eventually starve to death for not being able to keep anything down.  There are approximately 25 quarrantined per house, in a dozen houses, spattered across Verona.  It is reccomended that if you would like to avoid this merciless disease, that you remain inside your home, and take all the necessary precautions to avoid being contaminated.

  •   When leaving your home, avoid contact with most people, unless you are certain they are not infected. 
  • When purchasing things, wear a mask and gloves to avoid breathing on or touching things, and to avoid picking up the germs.
  •   Boil all food incase it has been contaminated with germs.

Copyright 2004 Jennifer Anderson & Amber Richard