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The Elizabethan Times
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On Sunday, there was a reported fight in the streets of Verona.  The opponents were the Capulets and the Montagues.  The two groups got into a fight after a Montague had allegedly bitten his thumb at a miscreant from the Capulet group.  Swords were drawn, and the battle commenced as innocent on-lookers stood appauled.

According to Prince Escalus, there will be penalties places upon these families, but they do have another chance to win respect.  This was not the first of these barbaric quarells.

Nobody was killed, although there was some injuries, property damage and items reported missing.  All injuries have been treated, and the healing process has commenced.
The fight lasted about 10 minutes before a few of these young terrors became hurt and flew from the scene.  At the sight of the next brawl, the participants will reportedly pay with their lives.

Copyright 2004 Jennifer Anderson & Amber Richard